Friday, October 8, 2010


Now that I have let everyone in the family know...I can announce to the world; we are expecting!! I am 16 weeks with a BABY BOY!!!

As I have had two previous miscarriages, I was privliged to receive ultrasounds at 5,6,8,10 and 14 weeks. I loved watching little peanut grow and change. The doctor assured me on week 6 that everything looks completely healthy and normal!! She just did the other ultrasounds for fun...loved her!!! I was sad to tell her I was moving back to Utah to deliver the baby!

I was shocked (out of my mind )to learn the gender (probably because I have Elle and assumed I would have another one like her). I kind of had the jitters all day, because I knew that Trent would be so excited (which he was). If any of you know Trent, he seldom shows a lot of emotion...but he had a smile from ear to ear and I even got a fist pump!! Liam Trent Uresk is due on March 29th.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Home Evening

So...I decided now that Elle is two, we need to start having FHE on Monday nights. I know I should have been doing that already...but better late than never!! I decided to make a flannel board that I will be able to use over and over, for future lessons. So, Elle and I headed thirty miles to Walmart to buy some supplies. We spent most of the morning finding clip-art on the computer, printing it out, coloring, cutting and pasting!! It was so much more work with the help of a two year old, but I think she had fun and I managed to finish. The lesson was on things that our Heavenly Father gave us: i.e. Families, sunshine, stars, trees, flowers. She could recognize all of these things, and that was fun for her!! We started with a song, then had our three minute lesson. After which, we played a memory game with the pieces from the lesson, for our activity. Daddy won! I asked Elle what song she wanted to sing for the end and she started singing, " I love mommy, she loves me. We love daddy, yes sirree! He loves us and so you see. We are a happy family!!" I was so happy, cuz it kind of went with our lesson! We ended the evening with banana pudding for our treat!!! was short and sweet, but I am glad it happened!

Elle's 2nd Birthday - Part II

For Elle's 2nd Birthday - Part II, Angie and I took Elle to her favorite place...the swimming pool! Elle had fun sliding down the slide and playing with the other little kids in the pool! She was tuckered out by the time we got home, and slept for the next three hours. That was great for me, because it gave me uninterrupted time to decorate her cake!!
So, I am not going to lie...the Princess Castle cake was much more difficult than the Turtle cake! Luckily, my artistic sister, Angie was here to help!! I think it turned out pretty cute and Elle really liked it, so I guess that is what counts!!

She made a hall...that's all I can say!! Elle has such great grandparents and aunts, that she had too many presents to open. She loved everything that she got and as she opened every present, she acted as if it were the collest thing she had ever seen!! Funny, probably her favorite, was the Tinkerbell CARD that she got from Papa and Grandma Uresk! It made sound and lit up with sparkles...she loves it!!

Makeup and Aunt Angie

So, this is Elle in her self-imposed "time-out"!!! Of course I went too long without checking on my daughter...the quietness is a dead give away...and when I found her, this is what I found!! Her Aunt Angie was here visiting and is always so good about playing dress up with Elle. She takes her upstairs and turns on the vanity lights and gives Elle a makeover!! Elle LOVES it!! She always tries to put on my makeup, but Aunt Angie actually lets her!! This was her attempt at putting on her own least she knew where to apply it, hahaha!! Notice, she is wearing PANTIES!! Yay for me!!
Just a couple of pics with Aunt Angie before she had to head to Hawaii...I know, tough life!! It was so fun to have her come visit, even though there is NOTHING to do here! She didn't seem to mind the down time, as she has been vacationing for the past month! Elle loved having her here and getting to know her better! Thanks for making time for us...Love you, Ang!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Whatever Works!

The top pic is Elle's little perch! This is the place she prefers to sit most of the time!
She has also gone through a little phase where she did not want to sleep on her bed, but on the couch!! And to tell you the truth...I didn't care as long as she went to sleep! Well, one morning when Trent got up for work, this is what he found! Elle, sleeping soundly with her legs dangling off the couch! I am so proud of him for finding the camera and taking a picture!! By the way, she has since determined that she prefers to sleep in her bed!! Hahaha!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Elle 2nd Birthday - Part I

So, I decided we still had to do something fun on Elle's actual birthday, since we are having a party for her on the 14th, when grandma and two of her aunties will be here! Ell woke up this morning and said, "It's my birthday!!" Do you think we have told her that a few times?!? Still, it was really cute! My good friend Amy, brought up her kids (with a few of the neighbor kids) that Elle knows and plays with on occasion! The closest one to her age is seven years older, but beggars can't be choosers...and they are really good to Elle! So we went to the park in our little town and let the kids play for a while. Then we had some pizza, opened presents, then had cake and ice cream! After that, we walked across the street to the pool and continued to play for a few hours!! Elle seemed like she was on top of the world and totally enjoyed "her" day!

This was the turtle cake that I made for Elle's birthday!! I looked online for ideas and combined a couple to make her cake!! It was fun to do and I think it turned out pretty cute (if I do say so myself)!! Stay tuned for Elle's 2nd Birthday Part II - I am making a princess castle cake for that party!! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Elle's 2 Year Old Pics

So...I have decided that the 2 year old pics were far more stressful than last year's pics!! It was rough, because I really couldn't get after her for not cooperating...or then she wouldn't take another picture!! So basically, Elle was in charge of her own photo shoot and the photographer did great!! Elle wanted every single prop, in every single shot and when we tried to slide them out of the way, she would get out of the carefully configured pose to re-take her props!!! AHHH!! I was dripping sweat by the end!! Let's hope by the time she turns 3, she is slightly less head strong!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

So here we are eating our ice cream "pre" fireworks!! Elle was really excited in anticipation and enjoying the small neighborhood firework displays!! She would say, " pretty!" I thought to myself that I was actually going to have a good time with her this year! Well...the big picture on the bottom right corner is what happened immediatly after the first "big" firework went off! She "jumped" out of her chair and in to her daddy's arms...and it just got worse from there!

We ended up getting in the car and driving a little ways away, so that the "BOOMS" weren't so scary. At the beginning, she didn't want anything to do with our adventure...and buried her head into daddy's chest saying, "I'm done, I'm done". :o( We decided to start saying what color the fireworks were then all of the sudden she lifted her head and began calling out the colors with us...and the scary part was magically forgotten!! Silly little girl!! These are some pics from inside the car!! Awe...memories!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Destination: Lake Tahoe

Elle and her Daddy...what more is there to say!! I kept trying to tell her that she was going to see daddy, but I don't think she really understood. So when she heard him call for her, she came running out of the hotel with excitement/confusion!! It did not take her long to realize he was really there and from that moment on...they were inseperable!!
Pictures that we took after the wedding. It was absolutely beautiful there! The weather was gorgeous and the scenery was breathtaking!! We loved having Trent there for the 18 hours he was! There is one picture in this collage of Elle and her cousin Caleb.

Pictures of the new little family! It was a picture perfect day and everyone looked fabulous!! This is Trent's sister, Tracey - her new husband, Jason - and his (and now hers) girls, Makenzie and Taylor! Loved being there to share in their special day! Best wishes to the Smith family!

Water Fun

So...a couple of days before Elle and I headed out to join Trent in Kansas, we decided to have a little water party on the front lawn for some of the kids in the neighborhood. I think there were around 12 kids that came. They all seemed to have fun in the wading pool, water slide and sprinkler. They each got a little watergun...which provided entertainment as well. The best part for me...all of their mommies came and we got to chit-chat for a couple of hours!! I love my girlfriends and will miss them this summer, for sure!! Aunt Julie brought balloons for the party and the bottom pics are of Elle and her friends!

Grandpa's Shoes!!

Papa with Elle and Tyson. We were able to go to Tremonton to watch Spencer and Kolter play in their last soccer games!! It was fun to have such a big cheering section!
I swear I have pictures just like these of me in my daddy's shoes!! Gotta love it!

Cou - Sins

First of all, thanks to Brenda for being so kind to watch Elle times several times this past month!! Because of this...Elle has become very familiar with her cousins and learned to say "cou - sins". In fact, the first thing she says when she wakes up..."Mommy? Where cousins?" I think she must have a pretty good time with them to make such an impression on her! Here are a couple of pics of her playing with them!

New Cousin!!

Kaydence Clarice Savik was born on April 26th and is Elle's newest cousin!! We were able to leave on the 28th to go to Montana and visit for a week or so. Elle loved her cousin sooo much, we had to watch her closely to make sure she wasn't "overly" loved...if you know what I mean!! I think her favorite part was feeling Kaydence's soft fuzzy hair. She gave her so many kisses and hugs. Funny story, Elle was there to watch Jess breastfeed the baby...such a curious little face!!

Elle (with an inquisitive brow and pointing): "Mommy, bupps?"
Mommy: "Yes Elle...mommies use boobs to feed their babies"
Elle (with excitement and understanding on her face): "Oh...okay"

I thought...that was easy enough. Well, since then we have returned home, Elle has tried several times to breastfeed her dollies!! So cute...some things they just don't forget!! Anyhoo...
we stayed with my dear friend Holly Louvar for a few days and my friend Annie Zenner for a few more!! While I was there, I was able to see my friend T.J. and his family. Elle was invited to his son, Jack's, 2nd birthday party. Elle had a great time!! I love Montana...miss it!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easter 2010

Elle's Easter Loot!! She was kind of hesitant at first to tear into the candy...usually that would be a "no-no"!! Once she was satisfied that it was hers...shejumped right in!!
These are pictures of Elle eating her "chocolate bunny" and learning how to say "cheese" at the same time!! She was just making me I kept taking pictures!!

This is little Elle June in her Easter Sunday dress! She wanted to get her picture taken with Grandma's easter bunny!! So cute!!

Water Park?

On our recent trip to Arizona...Lynny and I decided to take the kids to a waterpark in Tempe!! It was perfect for their age group and best of all it was FREE!! So we told the girls the whole day before that if they were good, we would take them to the waterpark...worked like a charm. Here's the bummer...when we got there, the park was under renovation and was closed!! We had packed a picnic lunch and the girls found the only standing water within a five mile radius...and do you know what? They had a BLAST!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Family Get-Together

So...Aunt Jess and Uncle Kameron came to visit this week in Utah. We love it when they come...especially, Elle. So many new things to get into. On this particular day, she found Aunt Jess' makeup. She has found it before, but was discovered before any major damage was done! So, she knows she is not supposed to get into Aunt Jess' things. Well, she had been gone and quiet for too long...but mommy was so busy playing with her sisters to notice. A short time later, Elle quietly entered the room where we all were...hoping not to be noticed, but she was. It just cracks me up that she is 18 months old and has observed so much. She pretends to put it on just like her mommy...awe!! She did get in trouble she is pouting in these pictures!

This little car belongs to my neighbor...thanks Monica! Once Elle took her first ride in has become a daily ritual! This is Elle and Makenna's attempt at taking turns. Sadly, I am sure Elle had much more fun than Makenna. Makenna could run while pulling Elle and Elle could barely walk while pulling Makenna!! But they both seemed to enjoy it!

This is Grandma Savik reading a bedtime story to Elle and Makenna. Two things that both of these girls love are books and their grammy.

My friend Dacia lives about 25 minutes from me and owns a minature pony, "Little Black". She invited me to come down anytime to take Elle for a ride, so I thought it might be something fun for the girls to do together. Sadly, they fell asleep on the way there and we had to wake them up. So they were kind of out of sorts at first. They both took turns riding Little Black with a little saddle on him and weren't quite sure what to think...pictured below. Then Dacia hooked up a little cart and took them for a spin...THEY LOVED IT!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crack me Up!!

Elle found grammy's fuzzy socks and put them on! Trent thought it was so funny...I had to run and get the camera!! They look like knee high boots!! Like I say...she cracks me up!!

Gardening with Papa!

We had a beautiful day today and Elle and Papa decided to take advantage of the sunshine!! They did a little weeding, raking, shoveling compost, etc. Mostly they just had fun working together...I finally had to bring Elle inside, so Papa could actually do something productive! This weather has made me really anxious for more sunshine!! We are ready to get outside!!

Pretty Grammy!

Elle has decided that she likes to do hair...she especially likes to do grammy's hair AS SOON as grammy gets home from work. She loves her grammy and her grammy is so patient with her!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sleepy Reader

I just thought this was so cute! She was in her car seat and completely interested in reading her book and then two seconds later...asleep!!! Just can't fight it!! She slept that was for a long time before she finally dropped the book!

Sticker Time

Elle got some stickers at her cousin, Brady's, birthday party. As she was showing grandpa her "loot", she discovered what a great canvas his bald head made. And of course grandpa was just as patient as could be!! Ahh!!

Diaper Duty

Can I just say..."I love our Diaper Geenie"!! This is Elle wanting to help mommy take out the diapers. Do you see how many diapers are in was heavy!!

Curly June!

This was Elle on Valentine's Day! She "let" me put curlers in her hair that morning and of course one side curled better than the other. Oh well, she still looked cute! Our little Valentine!! XOXO

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I decided to let Elle join in the fun of making Sugar Cookies this Valentine's Day. I don't know what I was thinking! I am pretty sure she had a blast....but, oy oy oy...the mess!!! There was flour in every nook and cranny of the kitchen by the time we were done!! I think I will make it a tradition with her from now on least I know I can handle it!!!

Lake Powell Get-A-Way

I love my husband, he's such a stud muffin!! He had the opportunity to go fishing with his dad for a week at Lake Powell and he had a really good time! The first two days of thier trip it was stormy and snowy, but the weather improved by the end and they were able to bring home quite a few Striper. I had never had them before, but they have quickly become my favorite fish. I told he was allowed to go to Lake Powell anytime he wanted, as long as he brings home that fish!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Time!

So...I will start at the top!! It was so fun to have the majority of or family together for Christmas this year...we missed Kameron and Jess! The top pic is of Elle and her cousin Makenna opening presents on Christmas morning! They both got little princess blankets from Grandma Savik to wrap thier baby dolls in. Makenna got some dress-up clothes and Elle got a play kitchen. They had a lot of fun playing together! Next pic is Dustin and Dad playing with all of the cousins downstairs...It was so fun to see them all playing together. Next pic...Trent took Ryan and Dustin ice fishing - - I am pretty sure that Dustin was the lucky fisherman of the day! It was nice for them to get away for the day! One of the nights that everyone was here, mom and dad, graciously, watched all of the grandkids and let the adults get together at my sister Julie's house for a game night! We had so much fun!! Thanks mom and dad!! And the last pic is of Makenna and Elle taking a bath. They did this frequently over the ten day period and enjoyed it more and more each time. Hopefully, they grow up to be best buddies! was so fun to have everyone here. Can't wait for Thanksgiving!!