Thursday, April 22, 2010

Easter 2010

Elle's Easter Loot!! She was kind of hesitant at first to tear into the candy...usually that would be a "no-no"!! Once she was satisfied that it was hers...shejumped right in!!
These are pictures of Elle eating her "chocolate bunny" and learning how to say "cheese" at the same time!! She was just making me I kept taking pictures!!

This is little Elle June in her Easter Sunday dress! She wanted to get her picture taken with Grandma's easter bunny!! So cute!!

Water Park?

On our recent trip to Arizona...Lynny and I decided to take the kids to a waterpark in Tempe!! It was perfect for their age group and best of all it was FREE!! So we told the girls the whole day before that if they were good, we would take them to the waterpark...worked like a charm. Here's the bummer...when we got there, the park was under renovation and was closed!! We had packed a picnic lunch and the girls found the only standing water within a five mile radius...and do you know what? They had a BLAST!!