Thursday, August 19, 2010

Elle's 2nd Birthday - Part II

For Elle's 2nd Birthday - Part II, Angie and I took Elle to her favorite place...the swimming pool! Elle had fun sliding down the slide and playing with the other little kids in the pool! She was tuckered out by the time we got home, and slept for the next three hours. That was great for me, because it gave me uninterrupted time to decorate her cake!!
So, I am not going to lie...the Princess Castle cake was much more difficult than the Turtle cake! Luckily, my artistic sister, Angie was here to help!! I think it turned out pretty cute and Elle really liked it, so I guess that is what counts!!

She made a hall...that's all I can say!! Elle has such great grandparents and aunts, that she had too many presents to open. She loved everything that she got and as she opened every present, she acted as if it were the collest thing she had ever seen!! Funny, probably her favorite, was the Tinkerbell CARD that she got from Papa and Grandma Uresk! It made sound and lit up with sparkles...she loves it!!

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  1. What a dedicated mommy, two cakes both of which were AmAZing!! Good job Jenny!