Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trick or Treatin' with the Cousins

So Elle was still on the mend from the six day flu that she had previous to Halloween, but she looked so cute...I had to take her out! Aunt Brenda called and asked if we wanted to go around with the cousins and trick or treat downtown Springville. It was so fun to see the boys dressed up as Dracula, the Fire "Chief", and of course the little dalmation! Elle, was the cutest BYU cheerleader I have ever seen! It was fun...thanks for inviting us to tag along!! PS...I gave Elle that little plastic purse for her candy...but before we left the house she had to put her fake cell phone and some lip gloss inside!! Such a girl!!

Fall in Utah...Ahh

I am sorry...but there is nothing more beautiful then Utah in the fall! I was excited that I made it back before all of the color was gone! My sister, Julie and I and Elle met my good friend Collette and her daughter, Allie for breakfast. It just happened to be the morning of the BYU homecoming football game! That is why we are dressed in our Cougar garb!! It was so beautiful that morning...we decided to take some pictures!! Why not?!?

Snowin' & Snoozen'

This is Elle experiencing her first snow in Nebraska! She was kind of upset that it covered up all of her leaves and rocks which she was so fond on collecting! She didn't want to touch it at first...but then decided it was okay! When we came in that day, she was cold so I snuggled her up in a blanket on the couch. She must have got worn out outside...cuz she actually fell asleep sitting up!! This is a feat in itself...she hates to sleep! The next couple pictures are of her and grandpa...she fell asleep watching football and twirling her hair!! So cute!