Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Time!

So...I will start at the top!! It was so fun to have the majority of or family together for Christmas this year...we missed Kameron and Jess! The top pic is of Elle and her cousin Makenna opening presents on Christmas morning! They both got little princess blankets from Grandma Savik to wrap thier baby dolls in. Makenna got some dress-up clothes and Elle got a play kitchen. They had a lot of fun playing together! Next pic is Dustin and Dad playing with all of the cousins downstairs...It was so fun to see them all playing together. Next pic...Trent took Ryan and Dustin ice fishing - - I am pretty sure that Dustin was the lucky fisherman of the day! It was nice for them to get away for the day! One of the nights that everyone was here, mom and dad, graciously, watched all of the grandkids and let the adults get together at my sister Julie's house for a game night! We had so much fun!! Thanks mom and dad!! And the last pic is of Makenna and Elle taking a bath. They did this frequently over the ten day period and enjoyed it more and more each time. Hopefully, they grow up to be best buddies! Anyhow...it was so fun to have everyone here. Can't wait for Thanksgiving!!