Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Home Evening

So...I decided now that Elle is two, we need to start having FHE on Monday nights. I know I should have been doing that already...but better late than never!! I decided to make a flannel board that I will be able to use over and over, for future lessons. So, Elle and I headed thirty miles to Walmart to buy some supplies. We spent most of the morning finding clip-art on the computer, printing it out, coloring, cutting and pasting!! It was so much more work with the help of a two year old, but I think she had fun and I managed to finish. The lesson was on things that our Heavenly Father gave us: i.e. Families, sunshine, stars, trees, flowers. She could recognize all of these things, and that was fun for her!! We started with a song, then had our three minute lesson. After which, we played a memory game with the pieces from the lesson, for our activity. Daddy won! I asked Elle what song she wanted to sing for the end and she started singing, " I love mommy, she loves me. We love daddy, yes sirree! He loves us and so you see. We are a happy family!!" I was so happy, cuz it kind of went with our lesson! We ended the evening with banana pudding for our treat!!! was short and sweet, but I am glad it happened!

Elle's 2nd Birthday - Part II

For Elle's 2nd Birthday - Part II, Angie and I took Elle to her favorite place...the swimming pool! Elle had fun sliding down the slide and playing with the other little kids in the pool! She was tuckered out by the time we got home, and slept for the next three hours. That was great for me, because it gave me uninterrupted time to decorate her cake!!
So, I am not going to lie...the Princess Castle cake was much more difficult than the Turtle cake! Luckily, my artistic sister, Angie was here to help!! I think it turned out pretty cute and Elle really liked it, so I guess that is what counts!!

She made a hall...that's all I can say!! Elle has such great grandparents and aunts, that she had too many presents to open. She loved everything that she got and as she opened every present, she acted as if it were the collest thing she had ever seen!! Funny, probably her favorite, was the Tinkerbell CARD that she got from Papa and Grandma Uresk! It made sound and lit up with sparkles...she loves it!!

Makeup and Aunt Angie

So, this is Elle in her self-imposed "time-out"!!! Of course I went too long without checking on my daughter...the quietness is a dead give away...and when I found her, this is what I found!! Her Aunt Angie was here visiting and is always so good about playing dress up with Elle. She takes her upstairs and turns on the vanity lights and gives Elle a makeover!! Elle LOVES it!! She always tries to put on my makeup, but Aunt Angie actually lets her!! This was her attempt at putting on her own least she knew where to apply it, hahaha!! Notice, she is wearing PANTIES!! Yay for me!!
Just a couple of pics with Aunt Angie before she had to head to Hawaii...I know, tough life!! It was so fun to have her come visit, even though there is NOTHING to do here! She didn't seem to mind the down time, as she has been vacationing for the past month! Elle loved having her here and getting to know her better! Thanks for making time for us...Love you, Ang!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Whatever Works!

The top pic is Elle's little perch! This is the place she prefers to sit most of the time!
She has also gone through a little phase where she did not want to sleep on her bed, but on the couch!! And to tell you the truth...I didn't care as long as she went to sleep! Well, one morning when Trent got up for work, this is what he found! Elle, sleeping soundly with her legs dangling off the couch! I am so proud of him for finding the camera and taking a picture!! By the way, she has since determined that she prefers to sleep in her bed!! Hahaha!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Elle 2nd Birthday - Part I

So, I decided we still had to do something fun on Elle's actual birthday, since we are having a party for her on the 14th, when grandma and two of her aunties will be here! Ell woke up this morning and said, "It's my birthday!!" Do you think we have told her that a few times?!? Still, it was really cute! My good friend Amy, brought up her kids (with a few of the neighbor kids) that Elle knows and plays with on occasion! The closest one to her age is seven years older, but beggars can't be choosers...and they are really good to Elle! So we went to the park in our little town and let the kids play for a while. Then we had some pizza, opened presents, then had cake and ice cream! After that, we walked across the street to the pool and continued to play for a few hours!! Elle seemed like she was on top of the world and totally enjoyed "her" day!

This was the turtle cake that I made for Elle's birthday!! I looked online for ideas and combined a couple to make her cake!! It was fun to do and I think it turned out pretty cute (if I do say so myself)!! Stay tuned for Elle's 2nd Birthday Part II - I am making a princess castle cake for that party!! Wish me luck!