Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Elle's 2 Year Old Pics

So...I have decided that the 2 year old pics were far more stressful than last year's pics!! It was rough, because I really couldn't get after her for not cooperating...or then she wouldn't take another picture!! So basically, Elle was in charge of her own photo shoot and the photographer did great!! Elle wanted every single prop, in every single shot and when we tried to slide them out of the way, she would get out of the carefully configured pose to re-take her props!!! AHHH!! I was dripping sweat by the end!! Let's hope by the time she turns 3, she is slightly less head strong!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July

So here we are eating our ice cream "pre" fireworks!! Elle was really excited in anticipation and enjoying the small neighborhood firework displays!! She would say, "Ooo...so pretty!" I thought to myself that I was actually going to have a good time with her this year! Well...the big picture on the bottom right corner is what happened immediatly after the first "big" firework went off! She "jumped" out of her chair and in to her daddy's arms...and it just got worse from there!

We ended up getting in the car and driving a little ways away, so that the "BOOMS" weren't so scary. At the beginning, she didn't want anything to do with our adventure...and buried her head into daddy's chest saying, "I'm done, I'm done". :o( We decided to start saying what color the fireworks were then all of the sudden she lifted her head and began calling out the colors with us...and the scary part was magically forgotten!! Silly little girl!! These are some pics from inside the car!! Awe...memories!!