Friday, July 10, 2009

Meeting Hollis!!

Can you say "baby hungry"!?!? Elle is just turning one and I am thinking it is time for just need to convince my hubby!! You forget how sweet little newborns are...Elle is still sweet - but you know what I mean! Speaking of Elle - she was completely enamoured with little Hollis! She always wanted to be touching him. I had to teach her that she can only touch him on his hands. As she is learning where her own nose, ears and eyes are...she felt compelled to show Hollis where his body parts were - a little rough!! Thanks Duff and Lynny for letting us stay with you for a week!!

Montana Fun!

While in Montana for the wedding, my family stayed in some nearby cabins! It was so fun to have us all there together!! Kameron's last night as a single man, he hung with his family. We all took a soak in the hot tub and just enjoyed one another's company. After the wedding, Julie and I headed to Hamilton to visit with our family there!! thank goodness for Aunt Linda who came to Missoula to get me and who let me borrow a car while in town. It makes it really nice not having to rely on someone else to cart you here and there! The weather was beautiful! These are pictures with our Grandparents!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kameron & Jess's Montana Wedding!

It has been a busy month for Elle and I! We have had four airplane flights in three weeks! We were able to go to my brother's wedding in Montana and had such a good time. Let me just say, vacations are not the same now that I have a little walker on my hands!! I was constantly chasing her, in fear that she would be getting into things that she shouldn't...I was so tired!! I was asked to sing at the wedding, so my sweet sister, Ang, watched Elle for me! I got to dance with my dad and just had a great day!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

At Annie's

I was able to see two of my best friends while in Montana. I stayed at Annie Zenner's beautiful new home and my friend, Wendy Putzler, came down from Kalispell to visit!! Colter is Annie's little boy and he is two. Alli is Wendy's little girl and she is two. Then we all know Elle and she is almost 11 months...she looks just as big as they do!! She was sitting a little farther forward...just a disclaimer!! They were so cute to watch "play" together!! I had such a goog time being there and catching up!

Tornado Warning!

This was my first time this close to a tornado!! Luckily our campground has a tornado shelter about fifty feet from our trailer! It came across the television that we needed to head for we were ready , but never actually had to go! My friends that live about three miles east of us did, however, have to get in thier shelter!! It was so weird to watch the sky turn from bright blue to pitch black in a matter of seconds. I took this picture from our front door!!