Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Destination: Lake Tahoe

Elle and her Daddy...what more is there to say!! I kept trying to tell her that she was going to see daddy, but I don't think she really understood. So when she heard him call for her, she came running out of the hotel with excitement/confusion!! It did not take her long to realize he was really there and from that moment on...they were inseperable!!
Pictures that we took after the wedding. It was absolutely beautiful there! The weather was gorgeous and the scenery was breathtaking!! We loved having Trent there for the 18 hours he was! There is one picture in this collage of Elle and her cousin Caleb.

Pictures of the new little family! It was a picture perfect day and everyone looked fabulous!! This is Trent's sister, Tracey - her new husband, Jason - and his (and now hers) girls, Makenzie and Taylor! Loved being there to share in their special day! Best wishes to the Smith family!

Water Fun

So...a couple of days before Elle and I headed out to join Trent in Kansas, we decided to have a little water party on the front lawn for some of the kids in the neighborhood. I think there were around 12 kids that came. They all seemed to have fun in the wading pool, water slide and sprinkler. They each got a little watergun...which provided entertainment as well. The best part for me...all of their mommies came and we got to chit-chat for a couple of hours!! I love my girlfriends and will miss them this summer, for sure!! Aunt Julie brought balloons for the party and the bottom pics are of Elle and her friends!

Grandpa's Shoes!!

Papa with Elle and Tyson. We were able to go to Tremonton to watch Spencer and Kolter play in their last soccer games!! It was fun to have such a big cheering section!
I swear I have pictures just like these of me in my daddy's shoes!! Gotta love it!

Cou - Sins

First of all, thanks to Brenda for being so kind to watch Elle times several times this past month!! Because of this...Elle has become very familiar with her cousins and learned to say "cou - sins". In fact, the first thing she says when she wakes up..."Mommy? Where cousins?" I think she must have a pretty good time with them to make such an impression on her! Here are a couple of pics of her playing with them!

New Cousin!!

Kaydence Clarice Savik was born on April 26th and is Elle's newest cousin!! We were able to leave on the 28th to go to Montana and visit for a week or so. Elle loved her cousin sooo much, we had to watch her closely to make sure she wasn't "overly" loved...if you know what I mean!! I think her favorite part was feeling Kaydence's soft fuzzy hair. She gave her so many kisses and hugs. Funny story, Elle was there to watch Jess breastfeed the baby...such a curious little face!!

Elle (with an inquisitive brow and pointing): "Mommy, bupps?"
Mommy: "Yes Elle...mommies use boobs to feed their babies"
Elle (with excitement and understanding on her face): "Oh...okay"

I thought...that was easy enough. Well, since then we have returned home, Elle has tried several times to breastfeed her dollies!! So cute...some things they just don't forget!! Anyhoo...
we stayed with my dear friend Holly Louvar for a few days and my friend Annie Zenner for a few more!! While I was there, I was able to see my friend T.J. and his family. Elle was invited to his son, Jack's, 2nd birthday party. Elle had a great time!! I love Montana...miss it!