Thursday, August 19, 2010

Makeup and Aunt Angie

So, this is Elle in her self-imposed "time-out"!!! Of course I went too long without checking on my daughter...the quietness is a dead give away...and when I found her, this is what I found!! Her Aunt Angie was here visiting and is always so good about playing dress up with Elle. She takes her upstairs and turns on the vanity lights and gives Elle a makeover!! Elle LOVES it!! She always tries to put on my makeup, but Aunt Angie actually lets her!! This was her attempt at putting on her own least she knew where to apply it, hahaha!! Notice, she is wearing PANTIES!! Yay for me!!
Just a couple of pics with Aunt Angie before she had to head to Hawaii...I know, tough life!! It was so fun to have her come visit, even though there is NOTHING to do here! She didn't seem to mind the down time, as she has been vacationing for the past month! Elle loved having her here and getting to know her better! Thanks for making time for us...Love you, Ang!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, 2 already! She is stinkin adorable. Where did you learn those skills to build a beautiful castle. I am VERY impressed, that is not easy.