Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Home Evening

So...I decided now that Elle is two, we need to start having FHE on Monday nights. I know I should have been doing that already...but better late than never!! I decided to make a flannel board that I will be able to use over and over, for future lessons. So, Elle and I headed thirty miles to Walmart to buy some supplies. We spent most of the morning finding clip-art on the computer, printing it out, coloring, cutting and pasting!! It was so much more work with the help of a two year old, but I think she had fun and I managed to finish. The lesson was on things that our Heavenly Father gave us: i.e. Families, sunshine, stars, trees, flowers. She could recognize all of these things, and that was fun for her!! We started with a song, then had our three minute lesson. After which, we played a memory game with the pieces from the lesson, for our activity. Daddy won! I asked Elle what song she wanted to sing for the end and she started singing, " I love mommy, she loves me. We love daddy, yes sirree! He loves us and so you see. We are a happy family!!" I was so happy, cuz it kind of went with our lesson! We ended the evening with banana pudding for our treat!!! was short and sweet, but I am glad it happened!

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  1. Looks awesome. I'm sure Elle loved every minute. Keep up the good work so I can steal, I mean borrow, fun ideas.