Thursday, March 18, 2010

Family Get-Together

So...Aunt Jess and Uncle Kameron came to visit this week in Utah. We love it when they come...especially, Elle. So many new things to get into. On this particular day, she found Aunt Jess' makeup. She has found it before, but was discovered before any major damage was done! So, she knows she is not supposed to get into Aunt Jess' things. Well, she had been gone and quiet for too long...but mommy was so busy playing with her sisters to notice. A short time later, Elle quietly entered the room where we all were...hoping not to be noticed, but she was. It just cracks me up that she is 18 months old and has observed so much. She pretends to put it on just like her mommy...awe!! She did get in trouble she is pouting in these pictures!

This little car belongs to my neighbor...thanks Monica! Once Elle took her first ride in has become a daily ritual! This is Elle and Makenna's attempt at taking turns. Sadly, I am sure Elle had much more fun than Makenna. Makenna could run while pulling Elle and Elle could barely walk while pulling Makenna!! But they both seemed to enjoy it!

This is Grandma Savik reading a bedtime story to Elle and Makenna. Two things that both of these girls love are books and their grammy.

My friend Dacia lives about 25 minutes from me and owns a minature pony, "Little Black". She invited me to come down anytime to take Elle for a ride, so I thought it might be something fun for the girls to do together. Sadly, they fell asleep on the way there and we had to wake them up. So they were kind of out of sorts at first. They both took turns riding Little Black with a little saddle on him and weren't quite sure what to think...pictured below. Then Dacia hooked up a little cart and took them for a spin...THEY LOVED IT!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crack me Up!!

Elle found grammy's fuzzy socks and put them on! Trent thought it was so funny...I had to run and get the camera!! They look like knee high boots!! Like I say...she cracks me up!!

Gardening with Papa!

We had a beautiful day today and Elle and Papa decided to take advantage of the sunshine!! They did a little weeding, raking, shoveling compost, etc. Mostly they just had fun working together...I finally had to bring Elle inside, so Papa could actually do something productive! This weather has made me really anxious for more sunshine!! We are ready to get outside!!

Pretty Grammy!

Elle has decided that she likes to do hair...she especially likes to do grammy's hair AS SOON as grammy gets home from work. She loves her grammy and her grammy is so patient with her!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sleepy Reader

I just thought this was so cute! She was in her car seat and completely interested in reading her book and then two seconds later...asleep!!! Just can't fight it!! She slept that was for a long time before she finally dropped the book!

Sticker Time

Elle got some stickers at her cousin, Brady's, birthday party. As she was showing grandpa her "loot", she discovered what a great canvas his bald head made. And of course grandpa was just as patient as could be!! Ahh!!

Diaper Duty

Can I just say..."I love our Diaper Geenie"!! This is Elle wanting to help mommy take out the diapers. Do you see how many diapers are in was heavy!!

Curly June!

This was Elle on Valentine's Day! She "let" me put curlers in her hair that morning and of course one side curled better than the other. Oh well, she still looked cute! Our little Valentine!! XOXO