Thursday, May 21, 2009

Yes People...She Is Walking!!

She is walking and she loves it!! What a little show-off...I guess she takes after her mommy!! Today was a beautiful day, so I took her outside to explore! She loved walking until she found something on the ground more interesting!! Go figure!!! I also took a picture of our trailer in our new is so beautiful here at Midway Gulch.

Quick Trip!!

First of all...sorry to all of my girlfriends that I didn't get to see on my two day trip home to Utah. I knew my time would be so short and so packed with planned family outings that I would not have a spare moment and I was right. For that reason I didn't even let anyone know I was coming home. We arrived on Friday afternoon and flew back out on Sunday morning. We got news that Trent's oldest sister, Brenda, was being sealed to her family and so we spent our last dime on plane tickets and headed home!! The experience of being in the temple for the sealing was so special...I love seeing families being joined together was so sweet!!! By the time we got back from those events, my brother Ryan and his family made it to our place to spend the evening with us!! It is always so fun to get together with them! We headed up the canyon for our traditional "tinfoil dinners". Trent cooks them just perfect and we all had a great time!! Made me miss home!


We went with the neighbor kids to the local aquarium...lots of big ugly fish!!! Confirms my fear of swimming in open water!!

Another Fishing Trip

One thing the Uresk family did to pass the time and not spend money, was to go fishing trips. We are right on the Missouri River and the Lewis and Clark Lake...lots of places to go!! On this particular day - just to make sure everyone is aware...I caught the biggest fish of the day, but since I am the one that is always taking the pictures there is no evidence!! Elle is wearing her new fishing hat that our neighbors bought for her!! So Cute!!